About Us

Our Vision

All businesses exist for the sole purpose of making the world a better place. All businesses are a net positive force for good. Societies are healthy and happy and all life on Earth is thriving from clean air, clean water, regenerated organic soils, and rich biodiversity. Business owners, employees and customers take pride in the products and services they deliver.

Our Mission

To help businesses and government implement regenerative design solutions into a robust and profitable sustainability plan with a clear and scientifically measurable end goal. We are working to gradually replace any and all negative impacts on society and the environment with net positive impacts, one business, one day, and one sustainable solution at a time.

Our Values

We start with ethics, respect and compassion. We believe every person wants to do good in this world and through collaboration and solution-based thinking, we can achieve a world thriving with abundance for everyone.

Our Journey

Following over two decades as a frustrated marine scientist, year after year documenting the rapid decline of our marine resources and urging our businesses and policy makers to reverse the trend, Dr. Mark Deakos decided to find already existing solutions and bring them to Hawaii. I was astonished at what I discovered in the field of regenerative design.

Not only were these regenerative design solutions proven, but they also happen to be profitable.

Our Team

Dr. Mark Deakos
Chief Sustainability Officer
Tracy Adams
Chief Financial Officer

“We do so much to prepare our children for the future, but are we doing enough to prepare the future for our children?”

– Larry Chalfan, Founder Zero Waste Alliance

We are a certified B-Corp that helps businesses navigate the challenging journey to full sustainability. By building social and environmental capital, we greatly enhance financial capital. Taking care of People and Planet are the key ingredients within any business looking for sustained, long-term Profits. We can meet the challenges of today while leaving a better future for our children.