3-P Consulting helps businesses with their sustainability goals by eliminating costly and wasteful footprints in exchange for Profitable and beneficial handprints that benefit People and Planet. Rooted in regenerative design frameworks, this is achieved by reducing cost, waste, and attrition rates, and improving efficiency, performance, health, and equity. With a Sustainability Audit and a robust Sustainability Plan, we conduct Cost-Benefit Analyses to rank and track Sustainability Initiatives using Science-based Metrics and transform your business into a Force for Good.

Sustainability Consulting

  • ♦ Sustainability Audits
  • ♦ Business Plans
  • ♦ Sustainability Reports
  • ♦ Net zero energy/carbon
  • ♦ Waste management

Regenerative Design

  • ♦ Sustainability Audits
  • ♦ B Corps certification
  • ♦ Living Building Challenge solutions
  • ♦ Permaculture food security and stormwater solutions

Project Management

  • ♦ Federal contracts
  • ♦ Multi-stakeholder coordination
  • ♦ Budgets/invoicing
  • ♦ Benchmarking

Environmental Consulting

  • ♦ Water quality
  • ♦ Wastewater treatment
  • ♦ Stormwater management
  • ♦ Food security
  • ♦ Marine surveys
  • ♦ Drone surveys


    541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
    541620: Environmental Consulting Services
    541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
    561730: Landscaping Services
    813312: Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations


    Z2AA: Repair or Alteration of Office Buildings
    Z2JZ: Repair or Alteration of Miscellaneous Buildings


    ♦ Hotel and restaurant industry

    ♦ Commercial marine tourism

    ♦ Living Building Challenge presentations to various community groups, academia, public officials, and the general public

    ♦ Maui County Climate Action and Advisory Committee (CAAC) advisor on affordable housing, regenerative agriculture (permaculture), and net zero energy


    ♦ Received “exceptional” CPARS ratings on over 10 federal contracts summing to over $5M for previous employment

    ♦ Solutions-oriented

    ♦ Over 25 years of peer-reviewed, scientific publications, public speaking, and community leadership

    ♦ Women-owned, minority-owned, small business

    ♦ AAUS scientific divers

    ♦ Part 107 Certified Drone Pilots

    ♦ Ambassador for the International Living Future Institute

    ♦ Permaculture Designers